Beit Em Georges

This house is known as Beit em Georges, it is great for gatherings, parties, BBQs, and more. If you are looking for a great inexpensive place to stay, this is the right place for you. Located on a hill in Ain Dara, this house has an amazing view of the village and Barouk cedars.

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Vibes Guesthouse (Beit L Shabeb)

Vibes Guest House is a sanctuary for artists, musicians, and anyone trying to escape the burdens of the city. Vibes is located “somewhere” on a high podium overseeing the historical city of Ain Dara and the mountains surrounding it. You can find various types of guesthouses and bungalows that suit all tastes and budgets in […]

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Dimitri Adds Guesthouse

A Guesthouse in Afqa, jabal Moussa and next to Chouwan lake.

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Aghsan Guesthouse

Named after the branches of the tree, Aghsan was founded in January 2010 in Deirmimas, Marjaayoun, South Lebanon. Aghsan brings together Lebanese from different backgrounds and regions who are eager to discover the natural and rural beauty of a remote village in South Lebanon. Through educational and cultural activities, they aim at conserving the unique […]

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Al Jourd Natural Reserve

Camping in Al jourd Natural Reserve, Bekaa.

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