Beqaa Valley Day Adventure

Bekaa is a fertile valley in east Lebanon. The Romans considered the Bekaa Valley to be a major agricultural source, and today it remains Lebanon’s most important farming region and a major Shia population center in Lebanon. Today the valley makes up 40 percent of Lebanon’s arable land. The northern end of the valley, with […]

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Jezzine Day Adventure

Lebanon’s Jezzine is one of the country’s most beautiful districts. Surrounded by mountain peaks and pine forests, it is one of Saida’s summer resorts and tourist destinations. Not only does it offer stunning natural beauty, but the area is also home to major religious sites and ancient ruins. The area of Jezzine is also remarkable […]

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Zarooun Day Adventure

Zaraaoun (زرعون) is a Lebanese local authority which is located in Matn District (Qada’a), an administrative division of the Mount Lebanon Governorate Ah, the great outdoors!!… the best therapy for revitalizing the body, mind, and soul!! Zaraaoun, an area with mild and breezy summer weather. Zaaroûn is a cultivated area and is nearby to Bsâba, Horch Bsâba, and Jabal Bsâba. […]

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Tyre (sour) Day Adventure

Tyre (Hebrew Zor; Latin Tyrus) is an ancient Phoenician city in southern Lebanon, jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea. It is located about 23 miles north of Acre (Akko), and 20 miles south of Sidon. The modern city’s name is Sur. Tyre has a long and illustrious history. In ancient times it was the most important city of the […]

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Chouf Adventure day

Chouf is a historic region of Lebanon, as well as an administrative district in the governorate of Mount Lebanon. Located south-east of Beirut, the region comprises a narrow coastal strip notable for the Christian town of Damour, and the valleys and mountains of the western slopes of Jabal Barouk, the name of the local Mount […]

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