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Saida: (SIDON, SAIDON) is said to mean "fishing", and even today fishermen moor their boats in the small
picturesque port. Sidon was the third greatPhoenician city-state, rivaling Byblos and Tyre as a naval power. In
Darius' time, towards the end of the 6th century B.C., it was the capital of the fifth Persian satrapy and a
showplace of buildings and gardens. The town was conquered by the Crusaders after a famous siege lasting 47
days, then retaken by Saladin 70 years later. In saida we will be visiting:
• Soap museum
• Sidon souks
• Crusaders sea castle
• Khan al franj
• The great al-omari mosque
Maghdouché1T: Our Lady of Mantara1T, also known in English as0T 0T1Our Lady of Awaiting1T, is a holy Christian site and a
Marian shrine in the village of Maghdouché in Lebanon. The shrine consists of a tower crowned with the statue of
the Virgin and Child, a cathedral, a cemetery and a sacred cave believed to be the one where the Virgin Mary
rested while she waited for Jesus.
0T 0TTyre: Phoenician Tyre was queen of the seas, an island city of unprecedented splendor. She grew wealthy from
her far-reaching colonies and her industries of purple-dyed textiles. But she also attracted the attention of
jealous conquerors among them the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar and Alexander the Great.in tyre we will be
• Roman Hippodrome
Overnight will be in tyre at one of the chosen accommodation.


The beach is located south of0T 0TTyre0T 0Tand owes its uniqueness to the presence of artesian springs with high flows,
tapped since ancient times (there are also submarine springs).
The availability of abundant fresh water on the immediate back beach creates a varied rich habitat that is ideal
for the existence of numerous interesting ecosystems. The observation has been made that the beaches
of0T 0TTyre0T 0Tappear suitable for the breeding of Mediterranean Sea turtles Boat cruise with fishing
• Swimming
• Full day at the beach
Overnight will be in tyre at one of the chosen accommodation.


In this day we will be going to the south boarders of Lebanon, in this day we will be passing throw many villages
and sites e.g.: wadi jilo, Tebnine, Bint Jbeil, Almanara ( chaqra, qalet doubay) , Houla, Deir mimas, Arnoun,
kfarkila, Adayseh, Jeser el khardaleh.
Overnight will be in Nabatieh at one of the chosen accommodation.


In this day we will be visiting:
• Monsif,
• Beitelddinr
• Kfarnabrakh
• Barouk reserve
• Arez el chouf
• Maser elchouf
• mosque of Emir Fakhr Eddine
• castle of Emir Melhem Shehab
Overnight will be in chouf at one of the chosen accommodation.


A scenic town with many well-preserved historical buildings. Famous for its palaces which display the ancient
Lebanese style in architecture. It played a very important role in the history of Lebanon .In Deir el Qamar we
will be visiting :
• Main square
• Moussa castle
• Kfarhima grotto
Overnight will be in Beirut at one of the chosen accommodation.


This sightseeing includes the National Museum and the Solidère Restoration Project. As you drive to the
National Museum, you pass the Green Line, which was the scene of the heaviest fighting during the civil war.
Looking on both sides of the road, it is possible to see the scars of the war, with many buildings still ruined and
potted with bullet holes.
Following this, you continue to the newly restored city centre to see the results of the Solidère Project. This
multi-million dollar scheme has completely restored the city centre and the result is astounding. There have
also been significant archaeological finds in downtown Beirut, which were discovered when certain buildings that
were beyond repair were pulled down to be rebuilt. The semi-pedestrianised area around Place de l'Etoile is a
pleasant place to end your tour and find somewhere for lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

what to wear during a trip?
-Comfortable hiking / walking shoes
- Comfortable pants
- T-shirt / warm sweat shirt
- Cap
- Sun glasses
What to bring during a trip?
- Sun block cream
- Identity Card
Please pick your Accommodations according to the place, one from each.
• Tyre
1. Beit El Diaffa
2. Al Yasmine Guesthouse
• Chouf
1. Tourist Rest

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