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North-Ghazir-Beqaa-Baalbeck-Batroun Winery Visit

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Tour Itinerary


arrival to Beirut airport, meet the assistant, Transfer to the hotel.
Beirut Historical tour (Optional) or chose an activity.


Early morning departure from hotel in Beirut towards Ghazir. Your first stop will be in a local bakery to have a delicious Lebanese breakfast “man’ouche”- you will then proceed to visit one of the marvelous wineries: “Chateau Musar” where you will be coached on wine techniques and taste some of their best selections. You will then be heading to Tripoli, the second largest city in Lebanon, located in the northern part of Lebanon and 80 km away from Beirut, to visit the famous old souk or bazaar, the Khan El-saboun (The soap market), and the historical Hammam, also known as the Turkish bath, dated about 800 years old back from the Ottoman occupation period -Finally you will conclude your journey with a Lebanese typical lunch (fatteh/ hommos/ balila..) in a typical local restaurant. During your way back to Beirut, you will have a quick stop in one of the best sweets producers in the region to buy some delicious and traditional Arabic sweets. Proceed back to Beirut around 17:00


Departure at 9:00 am from hotel towards Bekaa of Lebanon- your first stop will be at a local shop in Chtaura to have dairy products sandwiches as a breakfast, before you move on to domain “KSARA” where you will visit their authentic cellars, and then move to learn the techniques of wine &, liquor production and taste Ksara's best selections. Your second stop will be at "Chateau Khoury" where you will be visiting their factories and caves to learn more about the wine & liquor industry and techniques and taste their best selections, formally recognized abroad for their fine quality - equal to some of the best in Europe. Your Third stop will be dedicated to Arak lovers at “Domaine Des Tourelles” that elevated Lebanon’s name as much by its wine as by its very prestigious Arack Brun classified as the best arak in the world! You will be seeing live the karke in action!
You will then proceed to have lunch of open mezze and raw meet, grills, including soft drinks in one of the best hotels restaurants located in Chtaura. You will conclude this exceptional journey in a touristic tour in Zahle where you will be passing next to the old Serail that dates from 1885, during the Ottoman period. You will then visit our Lady of Zahle, famous for 54-meter-high hill-top tower for a moment of prayer and to see the most spectacular view of the city. You will then proceed to your hotel in Chtaura Bekaa to spend an overnight.


Breakfast at hotel and departure at 9:00 am to visit Ballbeck temples one of the Lebanese oldest Roman cities. After a visit of the temple of Bacchus and Jupiter, proceed to Clos St. Thomas in Ab Elias, one of the most refined wineries known for their primary quality of fine wine, and winners of several Gold awards. You will be coached by the owner himself on wine production and preserving techniques and then you will be visiting their cellars, before you conclude your visit with exquisite wine tasting. Your Journey will continue at Château Kefraya- The quality of its products has been recognized and certified by the number and the prestige of the awards they received in international blind-tasting competitions. You will visit their cellars, and then move to learn the techniques of wine production and taste Kefraya’s best selections, before you have lunch in their premises. Your final afternoon stop before heading back to Beirut will be at in “Kouroum” located in the village of Kefraya, also known for many years for their major supply in grapes and fine quality of wine production- you will taste their finest selections which are awarded several golden medals. Proceed back to Beirut around 18:00


Departure from hotel in Beirut at 9:00 am towards Batroun- You will have pit stop of “knefe” for breakfast on your way before you start your first at IXSIR wineries, located on the hills of Batroun Basbina; this 17th century bastion of regional heritage presides over a contemporary winery with sustainability at its core. Grapes blend are cultivated from carefully selected territories that symbolize the diversity of Lebanon. Spread from Batroun in the North, to Jezzine in the South, and the hillsides of the Bekaa Valley in the East, these selectively chosen vineyards embody the best terroirs the country has to offer. Your second stop will be to visit the monastery of Saints Cyprian and Justin known as the Monastery of Kfifane: The monastery was founded in 1766 and it is located in Kfifane (North Lebanon) at an altitude of 450m above sea level. Monks still live there . The monastery is a well-known visited place for pilgrimage. Believers come from all over the world to pray and to obtain blessings from Saint Neematallah El-Hardini and the blessed brother Estephan Nehme where their tombs are. Your third stop will be in the Winery of ADYAR known for their organic wine production: Adyar means monasteries in Arabic; in 2001 ADYAR, owned by the Lebanese Maronite Order (Monks), started to cultivate organic grapes in Eight different regions of Lebanon ( 8 monasteries ). They started the wine production at the small winery of Kfifane and the first bottle showed the light on 2003. Monastery of Kfifane gives its name to one of ADYAR red wine bottle. At ADYAR you can also visit of the souvenirs shops to buy wine, souvenirs and the typical Lebanese ‘’MOUNEH ‘’ of the monastery. You will conclude this exceptional journey with a Lebanese supreme Lunch at the heart of the ADYAR Vineyards while enjoying a splendid view with open wine and then head back to hotel in Beirut. Proceed back to Beirut around 17:00


Monastery of St. John of Chouweir
Your first part of the journey will begin in the Monastery of St. John of Chouweir or Deir et-Tabcheh, founded in 1696-97 and located in the attractive town of Khonchara, known for its traditional red-roofed houses and its skilled stone masons. In addition to its magnificent collection of icons and an excellent library, you will be visiting a five-room museum displaying the old presses and some 450 related objects and pieces of equipment of the Middle East's first Arabic Printing Press, whose original publication appeared in 1734. For your second part of the day, you will proceed to visit a divine wine & arak cellar, located on a blessed ground between the sea and the mountains, next to the St. Jean Convent.
There you will get instructed, by a respected and knowledgeable oenologist Priest, on particular techniques of this production and taste the unique and sacred red, white and rosé wine selection, a divine taste which you will remember for long, To accompany the wine evolution and to respond to the international requirements of winemaking, the honorable priest with his passionate perseverance decided to modernize the production in 2006, while keeping the monastic tradition and identity of exquisite grape seeds, nestled in the most generous soil and moisture air content of Khonchara. It is purely the consequence of Earth and sky blessing! For your third part of the event, we will proceed to the beautiful mountain of Sannine, to conclude this amazing day with a Lebanese supreme lunch and enjoy breathtaking views. Proceed back to Beirut around 17:00

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