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Heart of Lebanon

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Tour Itinerary


Jeita Nominated for the seven world wonders. Jeita is one of the world's most beautiful cavern , at 20 km
away north of Beirut , we will be visiting:
• Jeita grotto
• Hall of fame museum
Harissa 600 meters above ses level and 26 km away from Beirut, with a wonderful panoramic view covering the
Bay of Jounieh. Statue of the Virgin Mary was erected in 1908. Inside its base, a chapel with outside spiral
staircase that leads to the top, as well telepheric service is provided from the bay of jounieh to the mountain
of Harissa.


Beiteddin Forty-three kilometer from Beirut stands this magnificent palace built at the beginning of the 19th
century by Emir Bechir II, who reigned over Lebanon for more than 50 years. With its arcades, galleries and
rooms decorated by artists from Lebanon, Damascus and Italy, this building is a model of eastern architecture.
Today the palace houses a museum of feudal weapons, costumes and jewelry as well as an archeological museum
and a museum of Byzantine mosaics
Deir El Kamar It was the capital of Mount Lebanon, located 35 km away from Beirut, now it is a typical
Lebanese village with its historical center, souk(market), museum, mosque & churches.


Byblos One of the oldest towns in the world goes back at least 7,000 years. The rise and fall of nearly two
dozen successive levels of human culture on this site makes it one of the richest archeological areas in the
Under the domination of the Egyptian pharaohs in the 3rd and 2nd millennia B.C, Byblos was a commercial and
religious capital of the Phoenician coast.
It was in Byblos where the first linear alphabet, ancestor of all modern alphabet, (through Greek and Latin),
was invented.
The sarcophagus of Byblos’ king Ahiram, now in the national museum, bears
the oldest known Phoenician inscription. Byblos was also the centre of the Adonis cult, the god of vegetation
who dies in winter and renewed each spring.
Like its sister cities, Byblos was destroyed in the earthquake of 551 A.D it regained some consequence in
crusader times when it came under the county of Tripoli. A modest town under the Mamluks and ottomans,
Byblos grew rapidly during the recent war in Lebanon when commercial activities moved from Beirut to regional
This busy modern town located at 36 kilometers north of Beirut, has the “Roman Medieval port” as its main
tourist hub. The landmarks in this area are: the crusader castle and church as well as the extensive remains of
city’s past - from Neolithic times to the crusader era. A beautiful Mosque adds to the cultural mix in the old
part of Byblos. And all around a diversity of cafes and restaurants can be found.


Here you'll find a number of old houses dating from the time of the Abillama Emirs in the 18th and the 19th
centuries, while north of the village stands the huge Maronite monastery of Deir Mar Chaaya, built in 1700. An
international tennis tournament takes place each summer at the Broummana High School, a Quaker institution.


This sightseeing includes the National Museum and the Solidère Restoration Project. As you drive to the
National Museum, you pass the Green Line, which was the scene of the heaviest fighting during the civil war.
Looking on both sides of the road, it is possible to see the scars of the war, with many buildings still ruined and
potted with bullet holes.
Following this, you continue to the newly restored city centre to see the results of the Solidère Project. This
multi-million dollar scheme has completely restored the city centre and the result is astounding. There have
also been significant archaeological finds in downtown Beirut, which were discovered when certain buildings that
Were beyond repair were pulled down to be rebuilt. The semi-pedestrianised area around Place de l'Etoile is a
pleasant place to end your tour and find somewhere for lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear during a trip:
-Comfortable hiking / walking shoes
- Comfortable pants
- T-shirt / warm sweat shirt
- Cap
- Sun glasses
What to bring during a trip:
- Sun block cream
- Identity Card

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