Shhiim (Arabic: شحيم‎) alternatively written as Shheem or Chhim/Chhîm is a town in Lebanon which is located 42 kilometres south-east of Beirut. Shhiim is located on 4 mountains in the Chouf region in lebanon. Chhim has a population of about 49,000. It is considered a city by some.

Shhiim is the largest Sunnite Muslim town in the Chouf region. It is often regarded as the capital of the Iklim el Kharoub which is the coastal part of the Chouf.

Chhim‘s people are known nationally for their role in governmental, army, and police institutions. Chhim is often referred to as the ‘Dawle’ (meaning government) for their high per capita involvement.

Chhim has warm, dry and humid summers, with cold and wet winters. The weather is somewhat similar to that of the coastal cities with a variation of a couple of degrees Celsius.

Politics in Chhim is dominated by the Future Movement and the Progressive Socialist Party, with two MPs from Chhim taking on a role for each respective party.

Shhiim is often confused within size due to many parts of it having different names; some more familiar parts of Shhiim include Marj-Ali, Sahle, Jabal Swed, Chamis and Jirid. These and many others are part of Shhiim but have different names.

Shhiim contains 11 schools, 8 of which are public. It also contains two hospitals, one of them is public, and the other is private.

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