Kfarhamam (also Kafarhamam, Kafrhamam, Kfar Hamam, Kafar Hamam, Arabic: كفرحمام‎) is a small village located in the Arqoob region in the Hasbaya District in Southern Lebanon, which lies on the eastern side of the Nabatieh Governorate. Kfarhamam is bounded by El Mari village from the south, Hebbariye village from the north, Kfar Chouba from the east, and Rachaya Al Foukhar from the west. It is 117 kilometers (73 mi) away from Beirut, and around 850 meters (2,790 ft) above sea level. According to the latest electoral lists, the population of the village today is about 3,500, of which only a very small minority reside in the village.

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