Karahbache, Korah Bach, Qarah Bach, (Arabic: قره باش‎) is a village in Zgharta District, in the Northern Governorate of Lebanon. The population is mainly Greek Orthodox Christian.

The name of the village is a composite of two Turkish words Karah (Black) Bache(Head). the small valley between karahbache and Zgharta used to flood before it was cultivated and the residents of Asnoun would come and watch. One of those watching had a black servant. The servant built a shelter for his master from the rain, hence the name “Karahbache”, or “Black Head”. The master’s family name was Joukhadar. It is said they were originally three brothers from Turkey who migrated to the Golan heights and from there two of them went to northern Lebanon and one stayed in Syria. This is borne out as it is a fact that Joukhadars are still living in Syria and Lebanon. The name Joukhadar or Joukhdar or Joukhador depending on how you pronounce it. One source claims it is also of Turkish origin with the word Dar meaning house and the word Joukh a type of cloth. House of cloth could have meant they were tailors or a member of the tailor’s guild. Others say it is an abbreviation of the Armenian Joukhdarian which is plausible given that the Joukhdars are Eastern Orthodox Christians.[

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