Kaferkahel (Arabic: كَفَرْقاهِل‎ Kafer-Qãhël) and some says Kfarqahel (Arabic: كْفَرْقاهِل‎ Kfar-Qãhël) is a Lebanese village of Al-Koura villages in the North governorate. Characterized by its geographical location as it separates the district of Al-Koura and Zagarta-corner through the valley Qadisha and the river Qadisha. The village is half Greek Orthodox Christian and half Sunni Muslim). There’s a church (St.Georges) and a mosque in the center of the village and a little abandoned church on the banks of Qadisha river (St. Elias Arabic: مار الياس‎ Mar Illiess), this church is used in July to celebrate Mar Illiess.

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