Jdeideh (Arabic: جديدة المتن‎ translit. al-Judaydat), also Jdayde, Jdaideh and Jdeidet el-Matn, is a coastal municipality and the administrative capital of the Matn District in the Mount Lebanon Governorate.

Jdeideh has an area of approximately 6 km². It is located in the northern suburbs of Beirut city that comprise Greater Beirut. The municipality is formed of three villages of Jdeidet el-Matn, Bauchrieh and Sed el Bauchrieh with a population of nearly 160,000 inhabitants. Jdeidet el-Matn has five municipal council members, while Bauchrieh has nine, and Sed el Bauchrieh has seven,

Jdeideh is an important industrial zone and a significant location for commercial and banking activity.

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