Brital (Arabic: بريتال‎) is a village located in the Baalbek District of the Baalbek-Hermel Governorate in Lebanon.

Brital has been a well known town for its rebellious people in the times before and after the creation of Lebanon in 1924. Due to the town’s mountainous landscape, multiple revolutions against any occupation were born in Brital. The revolution against the French mandate was led by a prominent Britali and his local men (Melhem Kassem al-Masri), also Brital is the birthplace of the Amal movement and Hezbollah. Brital municipal land boundaries span over vast areas of the anti-Lebanon mountains, east to Syria, south to Anjar and to Arsal in the north.

Brital population is made of a number of large families, Mazloum, Ismail, Saleh, Tlais, Jaafar, Masri, Afi, Ahmar, Youness are the main ones.

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