Beddawi, Beddaoui, (Arabic: بداوي‎) is a town situated at the Mediterranean Sea about 5 km north of Tripoli, Lebanon. It is a mainly Sunni Muslim Lebanese village. It had 6,012 eligible voters in the 2009 election. There are 4 primary schools and one secondary school and one soccer team. The city is surrounded by orange orchards and has two monumental buildings of the crusades. It has also a non-working petroleum refinery, out of order since the Lebanese civil war. Beddawi city should not be confused with the Beddawi Palestinian camp.[citation needed] Till today, Beddawi remains the main connection between the northernmost coast and the rest of Lebanon since the main coastal highway goes through the town. However, a couple of years ago, a separate highway closer to the coast started being constructed which should hopefully put less pressure and traffic on the little town.

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