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Arqa (Arabic: عرقا‎; Canaanite: Irqata also in phonetician is a Sunni village[1] near Miniara in Akkar Governorate, Lebanon, 22 km northeast of Tripoli, near the coast.

(107 km from Beirut) – Archaeological Tell
Arqa is an archaeological tell which goes back to the Neolithic Period. To reach the site one must go through the modern village and take the road that passes over a single arched bridge.The ancient town of Arqa played an important role in the area’s history, and its name appears many times in the Bible, in Egyptian texts of the second millennium B.C., and in Assyrian texts of the 1st millennium B.C.
In Roman times it was called Caesarea of Lebanon, and the Roman Emperor Alexander Severus (222-235 A.D.) was born there. In 1108 the Crusaders took control of the strategic castle from the Banu Ammar, but the Mamluke Sultan Baibars captured it in 1266.
Archaeological surveys and excavations begun in the 1970’s have revealed numerous important structures representing almost every occupation level of the site from the Early Bronze Age to the Mamluke period

The former bishopric became a double Catholic titular see (Latin and Maronite). The Roman Emperor Alexander Severus was born there. It is significant for the Tell Arqa, an archaeological site that goes back to Neolithic times, and during the Crusades, there was a strategically significant castle.


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