Al-Nabi Shayth







Al-Nabi Shayth (Arabic: ٱلنَّبِي شَيْت‎, romanized: An-Nabī Shayt, also Nabi Chit or Nabi Sheeth (Arabic: ٱلنَّبِي شِيْت‎, romanized: An-Nabī Shīt), literally “The Prophet Seth”), is a village in the Valley of Beqa’ and District of Ba’albek in Lebanon. The village was called by that name because it is considered to contain the burial-site of Seth the son of Adam. A mosque was built on the burial site and it contains the grave of Seth inside the mosque (a rival tradition placed Seth’s tomb in the Palestinian village of Bashshit, and likewise in the Iraqi city of Mosul). The village is also the hometown of Abbas al-Musawi, who was a leader of Hezbollah, and an influential Twelver Shi’ite cleric. The village of Al-Nabi Sheeth is predominantly inhabited by people with the surnames Helbawi, Al-Moussawi, Hazimeh and Chokr.

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