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Paragliding in Cedars

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Look fear in the eyes, gain confidence, and make adrenaline run through your veins, not just anywhere; Lebadvisor offers you paragliding flight over the Cedars, a landscape of incredible beauty


Paragliding flights are a great way to enjoy the full aerial experience, without having to first learn how to launch and control the paraglider yourself.

At the top of the hill, the instructors will equip you with a helmet and harness while explaining some of the basic rules and take-off procedures.

After a few steps, you will start to fly through the air and follow the wind, while you comfortably sit in the harness.

Driven by the best in the field, Our expert pilots will take care of the launch, flight, and landing for you! So no license and no experience required. Our experienced team will provide a safe flight using only best-sophisticated equipment to ensure your safety

A worry-free flight is the reward of this activity.

Flights can be set every day, any time of the day, throughout the year including official holidays, provided the weather is good.

Flight time is around 15 minutes, it can be extended with 5 or 10 minutes depending on the weather conditions

To make the experience even more memorable, a 16GB memory card drive including your flight video will be available upon landing

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  • Video & Pictures
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  • Any Private Expenses

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How can I book
You can either contact us by telephone at +961 71 941100, write us an e-mail, or book directly via our Website
How long in advance must I book?
In order to avoid waiting during the high season, we recommend you to reserve in good time (2 days in advance). For short notice bookings, please call us directly.
Are there weight limits?
We fly with passengers from 20kg to 95kg.
What is the maximum age to be able to enjoy a tandem flight?
The age is irrelevant as long as you are fit and are able to do a couple of fast steps on the ground. The two oldest passengers were 79 and 83 years old and they wanted to fly again immediately.
How young am I allowed to be?
Legally there is no age restriction on passengers. We fly with young persons who weigh at least 20 kg, though children and adolescents up to the age of 18 need the signature of their parents or legal guardian on their ticket. Many of our passengers are under 18, our youngest passenger was 4 years old.
How long does a tandem flight take?
We start from the most beautiful Carinthian mountains, and we are therefore dependent on the weather. The glide down from the takeoff takes about 10 min. With good thermal conditions, the pilots will use the updraft to rise and so the flight can be extended to 5-10 minutes.
Can I control the glider myself?
If you want to maneuver the glide yourself, ask our pilots and if the conditions are good you will be able to make some circles over the Ossiacher Lake yourself.
How do I land with a tandem?
The pilot will fly into position over the landing area in order to lose height; he then steers the paraglider into an opposing approach, the base leg, and then starts with the final approach. In the final approach, the chute will be slowed down, and depending on the wind you will need to run a couple of fast steps. The more wind there is the softer and slower the landing will be
Can I take pictures or film during the flight?
Of course, you can document your flight with your own camera, but some passengers are so busy taking pictures they miss the actual experience. we offer you a photo service with video and photographs during the flight for 30$ on cd.
Can I fly with friends and family at the same time?
our team consists of 4 permanent pilots who are assisted by 3 other pilots at peak time. With groups please apply in good time (note our group discounts).
Are glasses or contact lenses a problem when paragliding?
No, you can wear your optical glasses or contact lenses, but we recommend an additional pair of sunglasses as the wind (ca.35km / h) and the sun can be distracting.
When is the best time of year to fly?
Most passengers tend to prefer warm seasons when the landscape is very attractive.
Is paragliding dangerous?
In the last decades, the paraglider has become a very safe flying device. For tandem paragliding flights only simple and therefore very safe chutes are used. In the hands of a responsible and experienced pilot, they provide a unique opportunity to fly. As in any type of sport, there is always a residual risk, most injuries (sprains, bruises) happen when you are running for take-off. Since it was founded in 2000, tandem-air has had no accidents whatsoever.


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