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Horseback Riding Lessons

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If you are interested in taking up horseback riding, you probably already know that it will take some practice
and lessons from a professional to do it successfully.
With expert instructors, gearing up with the right clothes and equipment, and learning what to expect from your
the first lesson is all the important aspects of preparing to pursue horseback riding.
When it comes to young children, it also teaches responsibility and leadership skills that will help them go
further in life.


  • A-Dress appropriately. Wear comfortable pants or stretchy leggings, not shorts. Wear a comfortable shirt or t-
  • shirt. Make sure you wear a helmet. Your instructor can likely provide one for you during your lessons.
  • • Avoid wearing pants that bunch up too much at the knee, and avoid wearing a shirt that is too loose or large
  • and might risk getting caught on something.
  • • If it’s summertime, you might be tempted to wear shorts, but don’t do this! Pants protect your legs from
  • rubbing against the saddle and being uncomfortable while riding.
  • • Leave your cell phone and other electronic devices at home. In the event that your phone falls out of your
  • pocket, it might be likely to break or be damaged. Also, sudden noises like notifications or ringtones could
  • spook the horses or disturb other riders.
  • B-Ask questions. Any time you aren’t sure about an instruction, speak up and ask questions. Your instructor is
  • there to help you learn, and you should treat him or her like any other teacher and ask for clarification when you
  • need it
  • C-Listen to all of your instructor’s commands and advice. Since this is your first lesson, you might spend a
  • good amount of time on the ground rather than on the horse. Your instructor will likely focus on teaching the
  • basics for safety and handling, so it is absolutely important that you listen and abide by what your instructor
  • says.
  • • Your instructor will likely start by showing you how to approach the horse, how to tack up, and how to
  • mount. Through the first few lessons, your instructor might keep your horse on a lunge, or long lead, for your
  • safety.
  • D-Remember that everything takes practice. If you don’t get everything on the first try, don’t be discouraged!
  • Just like any other sport or skill, horseback riding will take practice and time to learn. Even if certain things
  • might seem difficult at first, you will get better at them if you keep working at it.
  • • Trust your instructor’s judgment if they decide to keep you on the ground for the entire first lesson. Safety
  • and handling are important aspects of horseback riding, and your instructor will want you to feel prepared and
  • confident when you get on the horse.
  • Be advised that:
  • - These horses are carefully chosen, so the young riders have a chance to learn this sport confidently.
  • - The horses are professionally kept and taken care of by international and local specialists.
  • - Other than riding lessons the teachers educate the riders with knowledge around the horse on a theoretical
  • level.


  • Entrance fees
  • Professional equipment and assistance
  • Guided Tours in the locations
  • Transportation
  • Lunch
  • Roundtrip Local Transportation
  • Extra Activities
  • Lunch

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