Rappel, Climbing & Belou3 Adventure

Balou3 Balaa… A name that most of u heard but never knew what it really is.   This site is one of the Lebanese Favorites; Tannourine, around 70 Km from Beirut, the Amazing part of Balou3 Balaa is the 250 Meters deep natural Sink Hole, Carved naturally by water Many Million Years ago. You will […]

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Hiking and Trekking in Lebanon

Numerous Trails, a Fiesta of Beautiful memorable sights, sights no one knew of its beauty or existence other than the real adventurers and nature lovers.   Our Trails experts are here to create a unique hiking and trekking experience. You can enjoy the set Trails and discover the areas from within, Cedars reserve, Al-Shouf Cedars […]

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Caving & Via Ferrata (Hiking)

Discover Lebanon Underground and Mountain caving in this Trip to a new experience; a new world   Start your day with this short Hike to the top of Akoura mountain, You will feel the worth after you reach the top and gaze at the memorable wide views and surroundings   After this three hours hike, […]

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Camping & Bonfire

Camping in Lebanon is just another fantastic way to leave your daily routine and head to explore a new area, a deeply hidden sight, and really breathe in wild nature. Your choices of camping areas are unlimited. And that’s why We are here to give advice on what suits you, your group, or your lovely […]

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Cycling and Mountain Biking in Lebanon

Cycling is not only an exceptionally efficient method of transportation it is also good for your health, a fantastic way to connect with nature while engaging in an outdoor activity. Bicycles are beneficial to you and the world. They provide so many more health benefits than motor vehicles do. Some benefits include sustained physical exercise […]

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