Wood Hills

Wood Hills Resort is situated in the “Mayrouba” hills. It is an eco-touristic getaway resort built on 50,000 square meters of virgin wilderness. Well-equipped log houses woodsy accents such as hardwood floors and bed frames made from finished tree branches and a porch that sits at the front of a large panoramic picture of the […]

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Boustany Guest House

We are the Boustany family and we love our village, old houses and of course the natural reserve of Barouk. That’s exactly the experience we want to share with our hosts and help them achieve the most of their stay in our beloved mountains. The guesthouse is an old traditional house that has been renovated […]

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Soha Village Resort

Soha Village Resort is a pristine vacation retreat and is a 25-minute drive away from Beirut. Free WiFi access is available in this resort. The Lebanon Mountain trail passes right through the resort where hiking, strolling and other outdoor activities can be offered. Each chalet will provide a panoramic sea and mountain view overlooking the […]

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Nature Land

About Natureland It is a forest resort providing several types of accommodation such as wooden bungalows stone caves camping site with all necessary facilities: w.c., showers, restaurant, electricity…and all kind of outdoor activities: Caving, Rappelling, Hiking, Archery, Rope course…

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Arz Ehmej, Park and Guesthouse

لا تزال قصص التاريخ وحكاياته تشكّل عنصرا جذابا للسائح عامة،الذي عادة ما يبحث في رحلاته ونزهاته عن البلدان أو المناطق التي تعبق بآثارها، ولعلّ بلدة إهمج اللبنانية هي خير مثال على هذا النوع من الوجهات السياحية التي، إضافة إلى ثرائها التاريخي والتراثي، تقدّم لزائرها برنامجا حافلا بنشاطات مسليّة وأخرى تثقيفية يتخللها أيضا جلسات قروية بحتة […]

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