Beit Em Georges

This house is known as Beit em Georges, it is great for gatherings, parties, BBQs, and more. If you are looking for a great inexpensive place to stay, this is the right place for you. Located on a hill in Ain Dara, this house has an amazing view of the village and Barouk cedars.

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Vibes Guesthouse (Beit L Shabeb)

Vibes Guest House is a sanctuary for artists, musicians, and anyone trying to escape the burdens of the city. Vibes is located “somewhere” on a high podium overseeing the historical city of Ain Dara and the mountains surrounding it. You can find various types of guesthouses and bungalows that suit all tastes and budgets in […]

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Al Jourd Natural Reserve

Camping in Al jourd Natural Reserve, Bekaa.

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Graneroverde Lodges

Surrounded by untouched nature we’ve got prepared various activities for you to experience & enjoy… We hope to see you soon at Kobayat!

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