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About us

Who we are

LebAdvisor is an online shopping platform fully dedicated in the industry of inside tourism and outdoor activities based out in Beirut, Lebanon.

Founded by an enthusiast entrepreneurs with their vast knowledge of the glamourous landscapes of Lebanon and their passion for exploring new ideas combined. 

Our mission

To reveal the unique experiences and the countless adventures to all members of society tailored packages, seasonal & fun events or tours.

We collaborated with energetic and capable professionals, and we developed a solution to enhance the experience by bringing all activities in one platform empowering anyone anywhere to embark on the adventure by just one click. Presenting our clients with our Top Tips. Top Trips.

What do we do?

We offer a variety of services and products to accommodate all requirements of different ages and genders, such a

Our Adventures:

  • Snow activities
  • ATV rides
  • Water Sports
  • Sky adventures
  • Outdoor camping
  • Nature walk and engaging
  • Mystic and romance proposal arrangements
  • Family getaways
  • Wine and food tasting
  • Kids camp and daytrip
  • And more…

Our Services

  • Small group Tours
  • Self-guided adventures
  • Solo adventures getaways
  • Daily tours and events
  • Historical and cultural sides
  • Airport Lounge and VIP service
  • Managing Groups conference and exhibitions
  • Concierge and private assistant

Lets travel in Lebanon program

Our program includes the perfect adventures and outdoor programs that suits everyone, 365 full day tours will take you from the North to the south, Beqaa to zahle, Mount Lebanon and Beirut, seeking for you the best.

 Chose any day from our program and let the adventure begins